The Phoenix Club of Nashville (PCON) is a registered 501(c) (3) organization for young professional men based in Nashville, Tennessee that raises money in social settings for the benefit of disadvantaged youth. The Phoenix Club parent organization was founded in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1955, with the Nashville Chapter being founded in 2001. We are a catalyst in raising funds for Nashville youth and youth programs with a specific focus on supporting the Boys and Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee. The club raises money in a manner that challenges members to reach out into the community for funds that enable our disadvantaged youth to prosper. In 2013, PCON surpassed $1 million in giving since its inception and expanded its work to support additional organizations including but not limited to YMCA Camp Widjiwagan, Junior Achievement, and W.O. Smith Music School.

The Phoenix Club is a dynamic cross section of young professionals. Among Phoenix Club alumni in Nashville are countless non-profit board members, community leaders, businessmen, entrepreneurs, bankers, sales professionals, attorneys, architects, engineers, developers, insurers, accountants, and physicians. With effort in this exciting initiative, members make long lasting friendships while giving back to the Nashville community. Men invited to join have always been required to meet two basic requirements: hold a sincere interest in furthering the goals of the Phoenix Club, and have potential for future leadership in the community. While this club continues to take on a character and life all its own, it is based on principles that have changed the lives of young children in Tennessee for over half a century. Membership enables life-long personal and professional friendships to be formed.


The Phoenix Club was founded in Memphis in 1955 and found itself “born again” in Nashville at the turn of the century. The Phoenix Club of Nashville kicked off with its inaugural lunch in 2000 and has since gained recognition and support from the community. PCON has grown to provide annual endowments for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee and in 2013, surpassed $1 million in donations since inception. Over the course of its existence, PCON has expanded its footprint in the community through establishing partnerships with local organizations such as Camp Widjiwagan, Junior Achievement, the Entrepreneur Center, W.O. Smith Music School, the Nashville Bar Association, Nashville Lifestyles, Southcomm, and others.


Where We Are Going

In addition to continuing to build on the levels of fundraising achieved to date, we are committed to developing partnerships and relationships with organizations across the community and creating corporate and personal relationships that enhance the outreach and impact of our membership.

Other key initiatives in the coming year include producing our first ever Prospectus on Youth Philanthropy report, launching a matching funds program, expanding on our signature events, adding the Men’s Spring Leadership Dinner to our series of annual events, building on the platform for our monthly luncheon program, and executing our largest fundraising initiative - the newly reengineered Greeting Cards drive that is now open to reciprocity arrangements.

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